Every community calls out for activism, engagement, and commitment…not just by the business community, the local elected or volunteer leaders, or for that matter any group of dedicated and passionate citizens.  Every community calls out for everyone living within it. The community concept brought folks from the fields to the towns for social, business and many, many other reasons.

We all play a role in our community, and at Hartig Drug, we see our primary role as providing affordable, accessible health care and vital medicines to members of the community.  But we also believe that it is our responsibility to contribute more than simply access to a pharmacy or health care service. 

Whether it’s the Chamber of Commerce, Main Street, or the local schools, or any number of excellent community organizations, Hartig Drug is proud of our 106 year history of supporting our community with volunteers, financial resources and most of all a community conscience. 

We know you have many choices when it comes to selecting your pharmacist. We would be honored to be your choice.