99¢ Prescriptions

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Take your medications, feel better, and save money.

You can save hundreds of dollars on prescription drugs starting today by joining Hartig Drug’s Prescription Discount Card program. If you don’t have prescription insurance, or if your current insurance does not cover the medications you need to take, we’ve got a great plan for you. 

Pay just 99¢ a week. Maybe less.

You’ll pay less than 99¢ per week for a 90-day supply of many generic drugs. Plus, you’ll save on thousands of brand name and generic drugs for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. 

Pay less to join.

Our membership fee is just $10 — about half of what the national chain drugstores charge. 

Sign up fast.

Just fill out the application card in this brochure and drop it off at the pharmacy.

Download Brochure

Questions and Answers

Q: What is the membership fee?
A: Just $10, considerably less than other stores.
Q: Is my entire family covered?
A: Yes.
Q: How much will I save?
A: You’ll save at least 20% on 5,000 brand name and generic drugs and you’ll get most of your prescriptions (using generic drugs) for about 99¢ per week. Plus you will save 10% on greeting cards, giftware, and all SelectBrand items.
Q: Can I join if I'm on Medicare?
A: Sorry, you cannot join the Hartig Drug Prescription Discount program if you are receiving Medicare benefits.
Q: When does my coverage start?
A: As soon as you complete the form and give it to our pharmacist.
Q: Do I need to have my card to receive discounts?
A: No, if you are just picking up your medicine. But yes, if you want to receive in-store discounts on merchandise.