HARTIG DRUG WRAPS UP ANOTHER BLOCKBUSTER ROCK ‘n Roll REWIND for the benefit of Albrecht Acres, a summer camp for people with special needs. 

Wow.  What a weekend!  Hartig Drug, the Corporate Sponsor for the 2ndAnnual Rock ‘n Roll Rewind broke all records from last year.  Held over the weekend of August 5 and 6 at the Mississippi Moon Bar at the Diamond Joe Casino, the “Rewind” event featured 20 Bands from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, whose musicians came from all over the United States to reunite with their former band members.

And get this….every one of the musicians was also a “volunteer.” Feeling more like a class reunion than a concert, over 1100 guests danced and sang along to The Beatles, The Stones, The Doors and hundreds of other popular artists.  Dubuque Rock Veterans, a loosely formed Facebook-originated group of passionate musicians turned philanthropists really blew away the crowd.

“Hartig Drug is proud to join such an elite group of musicians who light up the audience with their music and wit…all in the spirit of making a difference for the campers at Albrecht Acres,” said Hartig CEO Dick Hartig.

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