Hartig Drug Company is proud to announce it is one of the first retail chains in the country to implement prescription vial recycling.  This program will allow patients and customers to safely and confidentially recycle empty prescription medication vials.  Patients and customers will no longer run the risk of confidential information being accessible to others when vials are placed in curbside recycling bins or other commercial recycling collection centers.

The Hartig Drug recycling program will allow patients and customers to bring in ANY empty prescription container from ANY pharmacy to one of their many convenient locations.  The Hartig Drug staff will ensure it is processed for confidential recycling and that the vials will not end up in a landfill.  All vials will be ground into flake, and the flake will be sent to processing centers for reuse in other products.

The vials utilized at all Hartig Drug locations takes this “green” idea even farther. Since they are made from PET – the most widely recycled resin in the world (recycling code 1), they can be re-used, over and over again, to make the next generation of pill bottles – something that cannot be done with containers made from recycling codes “2” or “5”.  This is the pinnacle of recycling – SUSTAINABILITY – and in so doing, it reduces the carbon footprint by 2/3 and eliminates the need for new petroleum feedstocks to make “new” containers. This process is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for repeat, post consumer direct food and drug contact use, and is used by major beverage companies as well as many other national companies who make containers from PET.

If you want to do your part to cut down on waste while also saving energy and strategic raw materials, then come to Hartig Drug.   Let’s work together to make the world a better place to live – one vial at a time!

The Hartig Drug Company is the second oldest continuously operated family drug chain in America.  They operate sixteen traditional pharmacies and two long term care pharmacies in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.

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