Hartig Drug is pleased to announce the purchase of Clingman Pharmacy in Galena Illinois.  Clingman Pharmacy is a family owned pharmacy that has been operating under several different owners since 1832.  The purchase of Clingman pharmacy will function as a merger between Hartig and Clingman and is a good fit for both, as both of our businesses are well established in the community.

Connie and Dan Consedine, the pharmacists and owners of Clingman Pharmacy will join Khris Moser and the pharmacy team at Hartig's Galena location at 11002 Bartell Boulevard.  In addition to bringing Connie and Dan onto the Hartig team, Hartig will also offer jobs to all other Clingman staff.

The Clingman location will officially shut it's doors on August 28th, 2010 and all records and inventory will be transferred to Hartig Drug in Galena.  Hartig Drug and Clingman staff members are available to help customers with this transition.  To show our support of both Hartig and Clingman customers, Hartig Drug will be offering special promotions to customers.

Hartig is proud to welcome the Clingman team and customers to the Hartig family!