At Hartig Drug, our pharmacists care about not only helping you when you are sick, but preventing you from getting illnesses in the first place. All Hartig Drug locations have a pharmacist on staff that can provide the most important immunizations for you and your family including the flu shot and other immunizations such as Pneumonia, Shingles, Whooping Cough and more.

Our specially trained pharmacists who have completed an extensive education program will administer the immunizations.  Many of our stores offer these immunizations without a prescription. Certain vaccinations may not be available at all locations.  Contact your Hartig Drug pharmacist to check availability.

Hartig Drug is administering COVID-19 vaccines and booster doses at all locations. Availability of the type of vaccine may vary by location.
Prevention of influenza complications and prevent contracting the virus. The CDC recommends that everyone ages 6 months and above receive a flu shot yearly.
Prevention of shingles or to prevent the nerve pain that can develop from a shingles infection, from being very severe. It is recommended for people who are at least 50 years of age, and is given through a series of two shots.
Pneumonia can lead to serious infections of the lungs, blood, and brain. The CDC recommends that most people age 65 or older receive immunizations for pneumonia. Guidelines were recently revised that recommend additional doses of vaccinations. Talk with your Hartig Drug pharmacist to see if you qualify.
This vaccine protects against Whooping Cough, Tetanus, and Diphtheria and is important in protecting not only you from infection but is recommended for protecting all those around a new child including mothers, fathers, and grandparents.
Travel vaccinations available upon request
This vaccine protects against bacterial meningitis. It is recommended for people from 2 to 55 years old, and especially for those between the ages of 15 and 19, as well as college freshman living in the dorms.
Prevents against acquiring Hepatitis A.
Prevents against acquiring Hepatitis B.
Prevention of cervical cancer and genital warts caused by the most common types of HPV.